And on it goes…..

Two toed sloth

This is a picture of a two toed sloth just hanging out in our trees.  They are very different than the three toed sloths – they move much faster and are more aggressive.  I think they look like a cross between “Cousin It” and “Chewbaca”.  We have had several sloths around lately.  The rain seems to make them sleepy so that just find a tree and roll up and sleep or look around for hours. 

We woke up this morning to some hopeful signs of sunshine – I see bits of blue all over the sky and the rain stopped about two hours ago.  Yesterday the tourists were out on the beach even though it was overcast and the waves were HUGE!!  If I had come thousands of miles to vacation, I guess I would be out there too.  I am thinking that November and December may not be the months to visit Smile

I will be leaving next week to head to Wyoming to take care of mom for a while.  She broke her hip about 10 days ago and had surgery to repair it.  My wonderful sister is flying me back using her airline miles – she flies all over the country in her consulting job almost every week so she has a bunch.  It is an amazingly generous thing to do though – thanks Marla!!

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