And on it goes………..

Today we awoke to the sound of howler monkeys and the toucans.  This was the first time since we have been back that we have heard them and it was quite a racket!!!  The day was very hot this morning but then the rain came this afternoon and cooled everything off.  This morning we went to the post office and got a post office box so we can get mail!  This is a big deal.  Prior to this June, we had to hope that mail would be delivered to the bus station and we could pick it up but now we (and everyone else in Puerto Viejo) have options 🙂 .

The day started out very warm and we felt it as we went around and did a bunch of errands and did grocery shoipping.  Once the rain came we hung out in the hammocks – Tom slept, I read – and then came inside and watched a movie.  We are now talking to our carpenter about getting some additional work done.  What can I say – I am loving life 🙂

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  1. Lori

    Sounds like a fabulous life, and of course Kaya seems to be agreeing with it!

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