Resignation accepted – YIKES

Yep – Tom and I turned in our resignation letters on Friday, effective July 30, 2010.  No turning back now – not that we had thought about that anyway.  But it does make it all real now – house sold, jobs ending.  We also bought our plane tickets and are leaving on Frontier on the midnight flight out of Denver on August 13th.  The dogs are booked as excessive baggage but I am still not sure about how that is going to work.

Friends in Spokane are going to help us and will bringing four additional duffle bags so we will have eight in all for the final trip.  That is going to allow us to bring many more things that I was afraid we would have to leave or pick up for an exhorbitant price in Costa Rica.  Smal electronic items are very expensive compared to the United States because of the import tax that is paid to bring them in and sell them.  We also will be able to bring in some of the art we have collected over the years that I would have been sad to leave behind.  Not much but enough of the special things I love. 

124 days and counting……..

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