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Two Years Today–YAHOO!!!

Red Throated FruitcrowIt is hard to believe that it was two years ago today that we arrived in our new home in Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, Costa Rica.  At about 11:30 a.m. on August 13, 2010, we rolled into the driveway of our home with our friends Susan and Rex.  Since that Baby Possumtime, we have definitely settled in and truly feel part of the community.  We have made good friends and slowly have assimilated into the culture and lifestyle here.  Every day brings something new – a new bird or bug or animal to research, the varying changes in the ocean from almost flat to seven or eight foot waves, occasional torrential rains which are wonderful to watch and listen to in our outdoor living room, and new fruits and vegetables to try. 

Baby dinosaurOur families worried so much about the fact that we were so far away and were afraid that we would not see them anymore.  I assured everyone that they would probably see us much more than they did when we lived in Moscow, Idaho and that has definitely turned out to be the case.  Both Tom and I have been able to get Orchids in our yardback several times since the move and because I have not been working, I was able to help out my Mom when she broke her hip (twice!) by being there to help her through the recovery.  I never would have been able to take that time before.  I also was able to visit my son and his family in Colorado for ten days in July and Tom just got back from visiting the girls and his friends in Colorado as well.  When we lived in Idaho we only saw them all twice in the years that we were there. 

Yellow HeliconiaOne of the things that I have come to love about our life here is the slow pace.  I know that many North Americans move here and become frustrated by the lack of urgency in almost everything but, for me, it has been wonderful to realize that if something doesn’t get done right this minute or even this day that the world will not end Smile  Patience and a feeling of tranquility are the things I now value in my life and it is wonderful to live this way. Red and yellow heliconia

I have said before that to classify Costa Rica and Puerto Viejo as paradise would not truthful and the advertisements that do so are misleading.  There are very poor people here and the crime rate, particularly theft, is high.  The roads are bad and the garbage often piles up on the side of the road for a week or two when the garbage trucks break down or if it is a holiday (and holidays happen very often in Costa Rica Smile ).  And, although this is slowly changing, corruption in both the government and the police has been a big problem. 

Now, having discussed the negatives, is there anywhere else in the world I would rather live?  That would be a resounding NO!!!  I love Costa Rica and I love my life – what more could I ask?

Calm Punta UvaCalm SeasCalm Playa Chiquita

Rough seasRough Seas


Iguana ready to go back on the treeIguana ready to go back in the tree


Our yard then and now……..


Our yard thenOur yard now

New backyard

Yard and house from the backNew BackyardMore backyard




Baby dinosaurBaby dinosaur


Frog on BromeliadGreen frog in bromeliad


New praying mantisLeafy Praying Mantis

Spider hanging outGolden Orb Spider



Red and yellow heliconia

Yellow Heliconia

Red flowers


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