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Visit to the organic farm

Yesterday our Spanish teacher, Martin, (maestro de espanol) took us on an adventure to an organic farm nearby.  It was amazing!!  The owner was a wonderful man with a great sense of humor.  He was very patient with us as we trudged all over his land and asked questions.  As was Martin Smile  The views were spectacular – you could see way out on the horizon.  There was so much humidity in the air that we could not get a clear view of the ocean but on less humid days I could see that the view would be even more spectacular.  The owner grows the food for his family and there was everything you could imagine.  Bananas, breadfruit, mangoes, a variety of limes, ducks (and babies), soursop, avocadoes, mamon chino, corn, starfruit, lettuce, tomatoes, just to name a few items.  I ended up coming home with a huge squash that the owner picked and gave to me so Tom can be expecting to eat a lot of squash soup!  The flowers were just gorgeous and we saw some amazing grasshoppers – I have never seen them in the variety of colors we saw yesterday. 

We ended our day sitting  by the pool at a restaurant and hotel owned by one of Martin’s friend.  After a couple of beers and bocas I was ready to come home and go to bed.  What a great day!!











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