Another delightful evening :-)

And SHE said......

And SHE said……









On Wednesday our neighbor and friend Stash



who owns Stashu’s Con Fusion (a GREAT restaurant here) held his bi-annual potluck for customers, friends and anyone else who wanted to join in.  It is always such fun and we have a chance to meet up with people we know well and also get to meet new friends.  Stash, his son, and his Mom, Lucy, just returned from a trip to Guyana, Trinidad and Brazil where they met up with relatives they hadn’t seen in years and years.  Although I did not know it, Lucy is a celebrity in Guyana and when people found out that she was coming for a visit it was big news.  During this visit she was honored as the first female pilot in Guyana – she had articles in the newspaper written about her and was invited to meet with the President.    All in all it sounded like a superb trip.




The party was a great success with great food and great company. Here are just a few photos (Click to enlarge and then hit the back arrow to go back to the page):

Enjoying a laugh

Enjoying a laugh

Jimmy Mac at the piano

Music with Jimmy Mac

Leo is 70 today

Also celebrating Leo’s birthday – he is 70!!

Tom and Amaure

Tom and Amaure having a chat

The star of the show

The star of the show!!

Tup and Beate

Good friends Tup and Beate having a chat 🙂







































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