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Snorkeling Season – NOT!!

Fish in clear water

Fish in clear water

For the second year in a row it is looking like the September snorkeling season may be a bust.  Normally in September and October the ocean is like a lake and the snorkeling is spectacular. We take every possible opportunity to go and play with the fish during these months.  However, the sea has been too rough except for a very few days and I am missing my favorite activity!  Hopefully things will calm down over the next couple of weeks and we will be able to resume our passion for watching fish underwater 🙂

However, we have been able to keep ourselves occupied with no problem.  For the fourth year in a row we met to pick our fantasy football teams at the local watering hole “The Point” and once again it lived up to our expectations of a fun filled evening.  Tom the wizard Eye of the tigerOur commissioners kept things moving along so all ten teams ended up with a full roster in just three hours – a record!!  We won our first contest last week so will see how it goes today.  Last year we came in third and ended up winning $100.  We hope to finish in the money again this year but the competition is tough so we will see.

The President of Costa Rica came to town for the annual Southern Caribbean Cultural Festival that celebrates the Jamaican heritage of so many of the people here.  He went out fishing with some of the local fisherman and it looked like he enjoyed himself.  Here he is climbing off the boat after his excursion.  President Solis getting off the fishing boatInteresting how little security there is – where are all those guys in black suits and sunglasses???

The annual chocolate festival is coming up in a few weeks and it is shaping up to be even bigger than last year.  There has been a concentrated effort over the last many years to bring back the art of chocolate making in the area and to support the small scale cacao farmer.  So this festival was started to bring attention to the many uses of the cacao bean – from medicinal to the delicious concoctions that can be made.  People can participate in tasting events, learning activities like how the chocolate is actually made, as well as non chocolate based fun like dancing and just hanging out with friends.  It should be a great time!!

Beautiful sunrise

Beautiful sunrise taken by my friend Ro last week

Other than that we are still enjoying life – walks on the beach, bicycling into town and hanging out on the back deck watching the world go by.  Life is good 🙂




Hello world!

Hello world!







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