Musings (and a scorpion!) on New Year’s Day

Kids art at the cultural centerWhile sitting in my comfy recliner – yes – we broke down and got a couple of comfortable chairs finally- trying to decide what to write on this New Year’s Day, I felt something on my upper arm.  I turned to look and saw a BIG scorpion crawling off of my shoulder and onto my arm.  It calmly moved from my arm to the top of the chair and I hopped up and ran like crazy to get away.  ScorpionI have never seen a scorpion and it was terrifying!!  I know that they can’t kill you and that the pain is bad but not intolerable, but seeing one up close and personal is scary!  Tom was still in bed and I didn’t want to wake him so I ran to get a broom to try to sweep it out of the room.  However, when I got back it had hidden somewhere so I have no clue where it is.  Needless to say I am NOT sitting in my comfy chair until it is found and gone.  (The picture above is not the one in my house since I was not able to get my camera in time, but is one exactly like it…..)  I will try to concentrate on things like this beautiful butterfly that decided to hang out on our window screen instead.  Butterfly on the window 1

The scorpion  was kind of the topper to a couple of weeks of excitement here in Puerto Viejo.  The weekend before last was the celebration of the Second Annual Chocolate Festival.  Chocolate festivalThe town was swarming with people – I think it is safe to say that it was a success.  Peter at festivalVendors at the festivalThere was an amazing array of chocolate things – beer, tea, and facial masks as well as the normal yummy eating kind.  We did not go to the opening night gathering but definitely will next year – from all reports it was a blast! 




Christmas bikesThe town has really exploded with people coming for vacation.  Ticos from San Jose have begun to discover Puerto Viejo and so are coming to enjoy the sun and the time on the beach when they are on holiday.  We have always had lots of vacationers from other countries but this holiday season there are definitely many more.  It is very difficult to drive through town and  would be nervous about bicycling as well – too many people and not enough road Smile  I am glad for the business owners – it has been a bit of a dry spell the last few months. Three Pelicans in the ocean The seas are rough but that hasn’t stopped either the pelicans or the people from enjoying themselves.



On Christmas Even we went to The Point for a little while to listen to and sing carols. Carolers at The Point It was fun to see everybody and hang out for a bit.  Christmas day we went to a potluck at our friends’ botanical garden again.  This was the fourth year we attended the pot luck and it was once again a fun time.  Such a variety of people show up and we always meet someone new and catch up with old friends as well.  Santas on the beach


We stayed in last night but got to hear the fireworks at midnight from around the town.  It was deafening for about half an hour.  Fireworks are illegal here but clearly the law is not enforced as there are fireworks going off for weeks before Christmas.  They should end after today.

Tonight we are going to our neighbor’s who arrived from Portland for their three month stint again.  They spend three months here and three months in Portland and we are always sorry to see them leave and delighted to have them back.  It takes about two weeks to catch up on all the news Smile

So now I am just sitting and reflecting on the last couple of years and looking forward to the new one.  It really is hard for me to believe that this is the fourth New Year’s Day we have celebrated here.  Truly this is home ……….



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7 responses to “Musings (and a scorpion!) on New Year’s Day

  1. I’m happy to have found your interesting blog. I lived in Cocles for a year. that was in 2004 and I see from your posts that the area has really picked up. That’s good and bad, of course. I’ll continue to follow your adventures. I live in Colombia now. You can find my blog at Oh, I’m also a dog lover:)

  2. A scorpion on my arm would freak me out, too.

    • And it came back two nights ago and crawled down the other arm!! Although it looked quite a bit smaller so I am hoping there is not a family living in my chair 🙂

  3. Ron Skinner

    I was at the Point that New years evening and got to watch those very fireworks. It’s funny to discover someone from Idaho was just around the corner. I’m originally from Montana (that half that should have been Idaho). We stayed at the home of a couple of wonderful folks, and had the most wonderful experience. I recognized someone in one of your prior photos, the pairing of chocolate, it turned us into chocolate snobs. Imagine me with a pompous tone… “Tisk, you haven’t really had chocolate until you’ve paired it with raw ginger while overlooking the Caribbean. hrumph.” I felt like I left somewhere that would not be the same no matter how soon I returned. It’s such a hidden gem… It felt like this narration in A River Runs through it. “More touched by wonder…” I really love that I found your blog I look forward to returning for my fix.

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