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Gorgeous in the Caribbean

PanoramaOn our side of Costa Rica, the weather has just been stunning lately.  Normally in December, we have very heavy rains but this year both November and December have had very little rain compared to other years.  This is not a good thing as the rain forest needs lots of rain.  However, the upside is that we are able to be outdoors enjoying the weather nearly every day. 

I have spent hours the last few days working in our garden and just wandering around the yard.  In June, Tom planted the lot that we purchased when we moved down here with all sorts of plants, flowers, and fruit trees.  While it will be a while before we are able to harvest any fruit, (although the papayasPapayas are growing quickly!!) the other plants are all really taking off and the entire yard is now one that I can wander Wiley Sofi Kayaabout and feel a real sense of peace and tranquility.  The birds, particularly the tanagers, are going crazy chirping and singing all day long.  They are also getting so used to us that they fly right through our outdoor living room – sometimes inches from our heads.  Very entertaining to the “kids”. 

So – I am heading back out to enjoy the day.  Below are a few photographs of what I have to look at all day Smile

Heliconias  Heliconias

Torch ginger  Torch Ginger

Blue Flower  Blue Flower

Flowering tree  Flowering Tree

Orchids Orchids

Elephant ear plant  Elephant Ear Plant

Another type of elephant ear plant  Another type of Elephant Ear Plant

Backyard trees  Backyard trees

Mango  Mango Tree

Sofi Sofi enjoying life.

Kaya  Kaya in her favorite spot!!!

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