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A Perfect Match

Pretty Snickers posingYesterday I got the opportunity to meet two dog lovers who are as passionate as I am about those four legged heart stealers Smile  A few months ago I was contacted through my blog by a young man asking if I could recommend a veterinarian here in Puerto Viejo.  His twelve year old black lab named Maggie was not doing well and he wanted to find a trustworthy vet.  I recommended my vet and he brought Maggie down.  A few weeks later Maggie passed away.  Early last week, he contacted me to let me know he was now looking for a new dogfriend and asked me to let him know if I heard of a dog needing a good home.  I decided to post his inquiry on a buy/sell facebook page we have here in Puerto Viejo and that same day was contacted by a wonderful woman named Iris.  Three months ago she rescued a dog that she thought was about six months old who was starving on the beach.  The dog was unable to stand because he was so badly starved.  She quickly took her two dogsSnickers kissing Iris home and ran back to the beach to get the dog.  She got it to the vet and nurtured it into a most beautiful and loving animal.  She may have to leave Costa Rica and felt that the best thing for him would be to find him a good home.  I gave them each other’s contact information and the rest is history.  The young man came to Puerto Viejo yesterday on the bus and I took the two of them back to his farm north of Cahuita.  It was very hard for Iris to give the dog up but she could tell that Clay and Snickers on the beachClay was a dog lover through and through and so that may have made it a bit easier.  At any rate, Snickers (now Stegner) will be living the life of a very pampered friend.  He deserves it!!

Iris Clay and Snickers


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