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The sun is back!!

YardAfter three days of rain the sun came back today and is is beautiful!!!  It looks Big loglike we will have more rain off and on the next couple of weeks which is normal, but for now, the sun is wonderful.  I took the dogs to the beach this morning and the ocean is still quite rough.  The logs that have come in from the sea are enormous and there has been other really interesting stuff that has shown up as well.  Lots of shoes which is interesting, and tons of vegetation.  I picked up several seeds that came in but I don’t know what they are seeds for – I will have to do some research.

WileyWe gave Wiley a bath today since it was so nice and he was smelling a bit ripe.  He doesn’t like baths so he was a happy boy when it was all done and took refuge next to a chair in the living room in hopes that we would not bother him again. 

We are trying something new with Tom’s hands.  My yoga teacher told me about a man who does therapeutic massages who has a machine that might help.  The machine is used by the Mayo Clinic and uses some kind of frequencies to help heal a myriad of problems.  The masseuse emailed the Mayo Clinic to see if they had had any success using the machine on what Tom has and they said yes and emailed him back the specific frequencies that he needed to use.  Tom has had three sessions now with a couple of more to come and his hands are definitely better.  We will have to wait a few weeks though to be sure.  Hopefully the skin will start growing back once the cracking and itching stops.Kiskadee

Now it is back outside to enjoy the wonderful day!!  

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So what do you do in the rain forest when it is raining?

RainChill out!!  It has been raining the last few days and I have to admit it is nice.  It gives me the freedom to not have to leave the house too often and just hang out doing things I want to do.  For instance, I have been meaning to organize all of my photographs for months but other things just tend to take priority.  Yesterday I worked for several hours on culling my photos so that I can begin putting them in some semblance of order.  I also am spending a lot of time reading and have made it through a couple of books on my kindle this week. 

Wiley and Kaya are not enjoying the rain too much since we are not able to walk them.  But they seem to understand and spend most of their time sleeping or watching the squirrels run around in the trees.  Wiley relaxing            Kaya relaxing

We have also seen a few new birds with this rain although I suspect that it is more the change in the fruiting trees than the rain.  But yesterday we saw three or four birds that we hadn’t seen before – here are a couple:

New bird        _MG_3491

I did take Wiley to the vet yesterday to see what a bump on his nose was.  Wiley is having a bit more trouble with the change in climate than Kaya is and we take him to the vet about once every two weeks for one thing or another.  The bump turned out to be a minor infection so he got a shot and some pills and we were on our way.  It is nice that the vets charge so little here Smile

Well – back to the outdoor living room to watch the rain and see if there are any new species of birds or other animal life visiting today.  At least we no longer have to shovel snow – that is worth the move itself!!!

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