Last day coming up!

Tomorrow is our last day at work forever – YAHOO!!!  I honestly can’t quite believe it.  This last two weeks has been a bit of a whirlwind.  Tom has been really winding down and I have been freaking a bit because I had so much to finish up.  Tom had a replacement to train so he was pretty much done as soon as that happened.  I, on the other hand, have been trying to finish up two major project (finished one) and remember everything that other people need to take over.  This afternoon I cleaned up my office and tomorrow I need to cull through my email and thousands of files and try to get them in order.  Guess what probably won’t happen 🙂 

We have also gotten together with many of our friends that we have made here in Moscow over the last few years and that has really been fun. Tomorrow I will tell everyone I work with goodbye (adios forever) and then we will head home around noon.  The people who have bought our furniture will be here starting around 2:00 to pick it all up and then we will be hanging out in an empty house.  We will sleep for the next few days on an air mattress and use camp chairs to sit in.  Tomorrow night we will really feel that our life has changed…………

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