Almost done…..

  So today is the second to last Friday I will ever work at a job – pretty neat feeling.  We are done next Friday around noon (no need to stay all day) and then we will take the next four days to finish getting the rental ready for the landlords to move into and finish packing up everything we will need to take to Wyoming and Colorado.  The dogs are finally loving their crates so that concern is no longer hanging around.  They should be fine on the flight now. 

Things left to do are:  get complete vet history for both dogs; file paperwork for retirement at work and TIAA-CREF; figure out how to get pillows in the luggage; re-file all of our paperwork for Costa Rican residency and have it all go to Jordan’s house for him to finish up for us; eat all the food in the freezer (could be tough); un-archive all of my books that are archived on the kindle so that I can read them in CR (won’t have 3G in PV to download directly); get contact information to and from friends; gas up the truck; HIT THE ROAD!!!

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