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Moving – not my favorite thing

We have been packing all day and running all over town getting rid of our remaining possessions.  Goodwill and the used bookstore have increased their inventory significantly today.  We put up a temporary fence at the rental and have pretty much finished up at our home.  I really thought that I would be more sad – all we have left is a couch and a couple of chairs, our bedroom set, and our TV – all of which will be sold when we leave the country.  But – I’m not sad.  I’m just getting more and more excited about our adventure. 

All we are taking to Costa Rica is what we can get in duffle bags.  We took some of our prized possessions down in four duffle bags in February, and Tom and a friend will take four more down in June.  We have enlisted the help of friends to take the final eight duffle bags down when we move.  It feels good to be starting over once again.  I seem to do that a lot 🙂

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