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This is some kind of office!!

My officeIt has been a few months – four to be exact – since I last wrote.  Not only does time fly by but I have been unusually busy.  I decided a while ago that I needed to look for a job.  Unexpected events in the last couple of years helped me understand that if we want to travel at all or be prepared for the unexpected, we needed to set some more money aside.  So, I spent two months looking for a job and found one that is perfect!!  I telecommute from my ‘office’ on my deck where I can still watch the birds and animals and feel a part of nature.  But I also am learning something new and making some money.  Definitely a win-win for me!

We are in the rainy season now and it has been welcome this year.  The last four months were so dry that people were running out of water.  In November we got 22 inches of rain and the plants loved it.  I will never cease to be amazed at how quickly things grow here.  One day we are putting a new plant in the ground and in a month it seems as if it is nearly grown. 

The last couple of months we have had more hawks in the yard that we have seen in the entire time we have lived here.  They are constantly talking to each other with their high pitched squeal.  I have enjoyed spotting them and IMG_0852watching them swoop around the yard until they got one of our favorite little animals that we have enjoyed watching grow up.  A couple of weeks ago a black hawk snatched up one of our little ‘dinosaurs’ and took him away for his noon meal.  It made me sad – we had loved watching that one grow up.  Yesterday, though, we saw the other one that we have living in our bodega and a new one who was running around on one of our trees.  Life goes on in the rain forest.  Smile



IMG_7046On Saturday mornings we walk into town and go to the farmer’s market and then normally stop and have brunch at restaurants owned by friends.  It is good to see everyone and catch up.IMG_7125  As we walk along, we continue to pinch ourselves to make sure we aren’t dreaming. How lucky we feel to have found this place SmileIMG_7097


Not too long ago, we went to San Jose with a friend and stopped along the road at one of the fruit and vegetable stands to load up for the week.  I love the colors!



Some pictures from around the yard:



IMG_0770Two toed sloth – looks like Cousin ‘It”



The house


The ‘kids’



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